Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: 27 February

We got through a lot of material in today's rapier class, and everyone was looking pretty good towards, albeit a bit tired. Here's a list of what we did today for both warm-ups and drills, so next time we can hit the floor running:

1) Basic footwork, both leads.
2) Thrusts at all ranges (stretta, larga, larghissima)
3) Chasing the target (with both gathering and passing steps)
4) Tessitura, version 1
5) Approaching drills (all cavazione, cavazione w/oppostion, all opposition, mixed)
6) Defense drills:
a) Countering during the opponent's attack (w/opposition or cavazione)
b) Attacking during the opponent's step forward (cavazione di tempo)
c) Interrupting the attacker's approach with a counter step
7) Attacker/defender drill
8) Seizing the initiative/mostly free fencing (solo work with me)

I'd like to do a lot more of the last drill in the coming weeks, so we can grind out attacks done out of tempo.

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